You’re Smarter Than Believing That Protein Makes You Bulk Up

By Just Her | February 24, 2021

Protein has found itself with some bad press over the last decade; that of a muscle-carving nutrient that bodybuilders use to bulk up. Naturally, women keep an arm’s distance from protein when we couldn’t be more far from reality. Here are some savage truth bombs to get us on the same page. - By Nikita Arya

1. Protein Are the Building Blocks for Your Body

Protein is the building block for your body as it helps in the growth of tissues, muscles, organs, skin, hair and nails. Some enzymes and hormones also consist of protein. And even our body’s immune defence mechanism runs on the protein.

2. Protein Repairs Micro Muscle Tears

Your body undergoes microscopic muscle tears whether or not you workout. Protein, along with certain hormones, synthesizes new satellite cells that initiate the repairing process of those muscle tears.

3. Curbs Hunger, Promotes Weight Loss

Protein promotes weight loss by reducing the release of hunger hormone ghrelin and boosting the production of Peptide YY. Daily protein intake for weight loss is helpful. 

4. Protein Oxygenates the Blood

A protein compound present in red blood cells transports oxygen throughout the body. The oxygen-rich blood helps all the organs in performing their functions properly, hence making you healthier.

5. Boosts Your Metabolism

While consuming food, you burn a certain amount of calories. This is known as the Thermic Effect of Food (TEF). While all foods have different TEF, protein rich foods have a higher TEF. If you eat more protein, it could help you in burning 80-100 more calories each day, hence keeping you energized for the day.

6. Protein Promotes Digestion

While you might ward off protein thinking it is hard to digest, about half of the protein that you consume goes into making digestive enzymes. This way, protein aids in digesting food.

7. Helpful in Regulating Hormones

With the amino acids present in it, protein produces hormones such as estrogen, insulin, and thyroid hormones. Eating enough protein helps in regulating hormonal imbalance.

Start Eating Protein Today!

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