Why Zinc is Important for Women Over 30

By Just Her | May 19, 2021

You might have heard about zinc but do you know about its health benefits? In the current world health crisis caused due to Coronavirus, zinc deficiency is becoming prevalent among people more than ever. Here's how to treat it. - By Nikita Arya

Turning 30 has its own sets of challenges. By the time you’re in your 30s, you would probably see yourself accomplishing your ultimate life goals — finding true love, getting married, having kids, getting a higher designation at work — all of it.. But what gets unattended amidst acing it is your health. In your 30s, nutrition plays an active role, and zinc is among the essential minerals that you need for your holistic health at this age. 


What Causes Zinc Deficiency?

As women, we have to juggle two different worlds simultaneously, and skipping meals, eating untimely, and even relying on on-the-go junk food becomes habitual to us, leading to a poor diet. As our bodies do not naturally produce zinc, you must derive it through a zinc-rich diet. The daily recommended intake for an adult woman, a pregnant woman, and a breastfeeding woman is 8 mg, 11 mg, and 12 mg, respectively. Because so little of it is required, even a mild zinc deficiency can also affect your health. 


Why Zinc is Important for Every Woman

In the current world health crisis caused due to Coronavirus, zinc deficiency is becoming prevalent among people more than ever. One of the most common symptoms of zinc deficiency during a Covid-19 infection is the loss of taste and smell. Zinc aid your body in fighting off infections and producing cells. It also helps the body heal from injuries and forming DNA. Here are some other health benefits of zinc:

1. Helps Maintain Immunity

Zinc helps you fight off foreign substances such as toxins and infections that may affect your immune system. It also helps in developing T-cells, which help defend against virus-infected cells and cancer-affected cells. Zinc helps your immunity becomes less susceptible to illness. 


2. Helps in Smooth Digestion 


Among different bodily processes that require zinc, digestion is an important one. For gastrointestinal activities to take place smoothly, zinc works with proteins as a co-factor. If there is zinc deficiency in the body, the digestion and absorption of nutrients will be affected.

3.Stabilize Blood Sugar Levels

Zinc helps in the synthesis, storage, and release of insulin hormone, which is mainly responsible for stabilizing the sugar levels in the body. If your body does not have a good amount of zinc, there could be an imbalance in insulin levels, affecting your appetite and blood sugar.

4. Helps in Proper Functioning of Reproductive System

Women's reproductive system requires a certain amount of zinc as the processes involved in the whole system are dependent on zinc. It has a pivotal role in ovulation, fertilization, normal pregnancy, fetal development, and child-birth. 

5. Keeps Your Metabolism Strong

Zinc is essential for burning protein, carbs, and fat. In the case of zinc deficiency, you may feel lethargic, low in energy, and sluggish. Zinc deficiency may also give you a much harder time losing weight. 


How Intake of Protein Aids Zinc Absorption

Despite being such an essential mineral, many of us do not know its benefits. Thankfully, zinc is a trace mineral, meaning only a smaller amount of it will do. Surprisingly, increasing your protein intake may have a positive effect on zinc absorption. The zinc content of the protein source of the diet regulates how much zinc is absorbed by the cells. So, when zinc deficiency occurs, supplementing your zinc-rich diet with protein supplements could perform dual-action.


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