Why Do We Need to Be More Resilient?

By Just Her | May 21, 2021

Life is a journey, often tough. Setbacks, disappointments, and failures are its part and parcel that we can’t deny. But what we can do is develop resiliency to adapt well and bounce back even stronger in the time of gloom. - By Nikita Arya 


Since the outbreak of the pandemic, there has been a constant exposure to uncertainties and challenges of all kinds. The economy declined, people grieved losing families, some lost their daily bread and butter while others went bankrupt. A perfect example of how external factors may sometimes put us in a position where we can’t seem to have control over it even if we want to. In such times, what’s really in our hands is shifting perspective to bounce back even strong. And this is what resilience is all about. 

Resilience is an innate human tendency to be able to cope with the hardships of life more effectively. Not everyone has a similar degree of resiliency, but the good news is that it can be developed better with a mindful approach. Here is how you can nurture it. 


5 Easiest Ways to Become More Resilient Today

1. Don’t Let Bad Times Make You Forget Your Past Successes 

Difficult times can take a heavy toll on your self-esteem and confidence. Keep reminding yourself of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved before this throughout your life. Recognize your strengths and keep reminding yourself of how great you were and could be. Realizing leyour strengths will help you cope with difficult times. To build a resilient mind, keep reminding yourself of your capabilities. 

2. Hope for the Brighter Days Amid Darkness

In dark times, life may seem cruel, which is why we tend to lose faith in it. Besides, it is in these dark times that we should have more of it. To build resiliency, be optimistic. In times of difficulty, a resilient mind pays more attention to the positive aspects, believes in the impermanence of gloomy days, hoping for better days in the future.

3.Take Lessons From the Setback

Surviving hard times isn’t as easy as one can’t seem to look at the brighter side when trapped in the darkest pit. However, every setback in life gives you a learning experience. There’s something good hidden in the bad; all you got to do is seek the goodness. A resilient mind does not weep for the hard times to get over; it takes lessons from the setback and adds value to his/her life. Seeking lessons may give you a positive perspective on the situation and change your feeling about it.  

4. Foster Your Relationships

When nothing goes right in life, it’s human to seek comfort and social support. Having supportive relationships with family and friends could help you find strength. It will give you a sense of belonging. A resilient person nurtures their relationships to remain in a healthy emotional space. Reach out to friends and family members who deeply understand you and could help give you an escape from all the chaos.  

5. Embrace Change

Change is the only constant in life. Life is not always a happy-go-lucky journey; it will throw challenges at you at different points and vice versa. Someone resilient will embrace the very process of change. Realizing the impermanence of time will help you become more resilient, embracing changes and helping you become more adaptable to challenges. Some highly resilient people may also seek opportunities out of adversities and thrive. 



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