Why Aren’t We Power Walking More Often?

By Just Her | April 01, 2021

Imagine if keeping fit was as easy as walking down the street doing absolutely nothing. Well, stop imagining, it really is! Power walking is an exercise technique that focuses on the pace of walking accompanied by arm movements and is among the smartest ways to be fit while you shuffle between your roles at work and home. - By Nikita Arya

Power walking deserves a special mention for the edge it has over other exercising techniques. It’s easier on the joints and has rare chances of causing injury. As opposed to regular walking, it requires you to walk at a speed of three to five miles per hour (at least) and follow a rhythmic back and forth motion of arms. Bending your arms and swinging them gently as you walk may help you increase the pace of the strides per minute.

Power walking stimulates many health benefits that may help you maintain not only your physical health but your emotional health as well!

5 Astonishing Benefits of Power Walking 

1. ‘High on Life’ Feeling with Happy Hormones

Remember running off the field when you were a child and feeling immensely happy about it? Power walking gives you exactly that feeling, only without breaking your legs after that fast sprint. Through power walking, you release endorphins, also known as the happy hormone, that helps in reducing feelings of anxiety, depression, and may uplift your mood and confidence. 

2. Take Great Strides to Lose Weight

Fad diets on the Internet got you nowhere on your weight loss journey? Try including power walking three times a week; it can help reduce as much as six times more abdominal fat when incorporated with three high-intensity walks and two moderately paced recovery walks. 

3. Run Wild with Creativity

A fast-approaching submission deadline together with a creative block can become quite a deadly combo, and we’ve all been there. Get yourself outside and take a quick power walk of 30 minutes and watch your creative block open up after. 

4. Adding Agility and Flexibility to Your Routine

Power Walking adds lubrication to your joints and helps them absorb nutrients properly. As a result, there is considerably less stress on your knees, which makes you more flexible and agile. It also shifts the pressure laid on joints to the muscles, unlike other exercising techniques.

5. Keeping A Healthy Heart

Your heart rate indicates the health of your heart. A lower heart rate at rest implies increased efficiency of heart and better cardiovascular health. Power walking may help in maintaining a lower resting heart rate.

Amp Up Your Power Walking Game with a Scoop of Protein

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