How to Change Your Mindset And Get Fit

By Just Her | May 13, 2021

If your online world haunts you for not having a perfect body, then it’s high time to think differently. Your mindset about fitness is crucial for you to become healthy and fit. - By Nikita Arya


The idea of a having a lean body and an hour-glass figure has been aggressively promoted lately as fitness. These unrealistic fitness goals lead others to experience extreme body image issues. Sweating at the gyms for months might feel demotivating but a little shift in your mindset could help you in knowing what fitness is all about.

Before you start comparing yourself to others, just take out a moment to think what fitness really means to you. Is it about getting in a certain shape or living a healthy lifestyle?


It’s All in Your Head!

Success doesn’t have a shortcut and neither does fitness. It takes a lot of hard work and consistent efforts to bring changes in your body, which is accustomed to unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle for these many years. Once you acknowledge this fact, you’ll see how achieving a fitness goal requires nothing but a consistent mind. Approach fitness with a correct mindset to achieve your goals with these small changes. 


3 Minor Changes in Your Mindset that will Help You Get Fit

Value Health More than Appearance

Getting into a certain shape could be a great thing to start with, but try not to make a big deal out of it. Your fitness goals should prioritize your health and not appearance. Don’t fret about how you’re going to achieve a certain shape. Give yourself more reasons for workout than just appearance.

Focus on Movement Instead of Exercise Intensity

Whether you go for a HIIT or simply yoga, it is the movement of your body that matters. Do whatever makes your muscles move and pump your heart a little more. It could be walking, climbing, running, yoga, dancing, and even heavyweight lifting! The basic goal should be to get moving so that you can stay active and healthy. While planning your fitness routine, always focus on movement instead of exercise intensity

See Your Fitness Journey as an Enriching Experience and Not a Guilt Trip

If you desire instant results without putting in painful efforts, you will only feed yourself with negativity about the whole process of fitness, which will take you further away from it. It took you so many years to become what you are now, so how can you expect it to reverse in a few days or months! Set smaller goals such as walking 5000 steps a day, lifting 2-6 sets of 6 in a week, and so on. And when achieved, see those small goals as a milestone in your fitness journey. 



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