How Digital Detox Gives You So Much More than Meaningless Scrolling

By Just Her | May 21, 2021

In our frenetic world, technology has become an integral part. But at this moment, among all the worlds that need our attention, our inner world needs it the most. A digital detox is going to detoxify all the toxins that technology dissolves in our inner world. By Nikita Arya


Do you ever consciously think about how much screen time you expose yourself to in a day? You’re working from home with your laptop, watching television to de-stress in between, scrolling through social media on your phone in your spare time, and probably reading a book on your kindle device — now you do the maths!

We are going frenzied with the fastest gadgets in our hands and normalizing the unhealthy lifestyle that does more harm than good. While it could be hard to move away from the screens, it has now become the need of the hour. Digital detoxes are essential for our mind, body, and soul as we live in these super crazy times!


Digital Detox — Switch Off the Digital World for a While

Just as you switch off your phone when it doesn’t function properly, we switch off the digital world when it gives too much stress. Digital detox is a period when someone refrains from using electronic devices and takes this period as an opportunity to reduce unnecessary stress and to focus on interacting with the physical world rather than the virtual world. In simple words, a digital detox is to keep the screens and technology at bay. 

It gives you time to take a break from the hyperactive world and calm your inner world instead. There are numerous ways to prove how digital detox gives you so much more than the hours of scrolling.

1. Makes You Less Anxious

Keep your phone aside for just 10 minutes, and you’ll find countless alerts floating in the notification bar. That’s how social media makes you anxious - seeing these many notifications lying unattended invokes inside you the feeling of missing out on the world’s recent happenings within just a few minutes. Digital detoxing will help you realize that not everything that pops up on your digital devices requires urgent action and that missing a few of them doesn’t matter. 

2. Encourages Mindfulness

It’s ironic how we keep crying about lack of time while spending most of it on meaningless scrolling. Aside from the conveniences that it has brought to our lives, smartphones prevent us from being mindful. Digital detox allows us to be consciously present and gives us time to engage with our surroundings, and recharges our brains with new thoughts and creativity. 

3. Helps You Sleep Better


Today’s fast-paced lifestyle has been compelling us to remain glued to multiple screens throughout the day. Various studies have revealed that the blue light emitted from the screens disrupts the release of the melatonin hormone, which is mainly responsible for making us sleepy. Limiting the usage of digital devices will help you sleep better.

4. Improves Self-Esteem

In the world of social media, where most people tend to share either their best or fake sides, we often crush our self-esteem and seek self-validation from the number of likes and comments we get on our posts. A digital detox reminds us why a few likes and comments do not decide our value. What matters the most is how we feel about ourselves. A digital detox allows you to stay away from all kinds of fake standards that social media sets, allowing you to love yourself without outside validation. 

5. Healthier relationships

It’s ironic how the intention behind inventing social media was to bring people closer, but all it seems to be doing is making them feel more alienated than ever. We are connected to people from all across the world but seldom do we bond with people who live across the hall. Keeping away from gadgets allows us to spend more time with people who surround us and improve our relationships with our loved ones. 



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