Enjoy Summers without Dehydration with these 10 Super-Hydrating Foods

By Just Her | May 17, 2021

Summer may not be the favorite season but heading out warm, wearing cute dresses and splashing in water sure make it more likeable. But unfortunately excessive exposure to sun could lead to dehydration. Eat these 10 hydrating foods to enjoy summers without dehydration, just as you like it! - By Nikita Arya

1. Strawberries

Strawberry is known for its high Vitamin C content but that's not all about it. Scientifically speaking, 91% of a strawberry has water in it, making it a deliciously hydrating fruit. Strawberries also comes with the goodness of fibers, antioxidants, and other nutrients such as folate and manganese.

2. Musk Melons

Cantaloupes such as musk melons are among the richest source of water. Approximately 90% of a musk melon is composed of water. A 177 gm serving of musk melon gives you 118 ml of water. Musk melon is not only abundant in water but also has a mouth-watering taste.

3. Watermelon

We can’t talk about hydrating foods without mentioning watermelons! With 92% content of water, watermelon is the most hydrating food you can eat. In a 154 gm serving, you get 118ml of water. The fruit is not only filled with water but is also packed with fibers and nutrients including vitamin C, vitamin A, and magnesium.

4. Cucumbers

Put it in a sandwich, salad, raita or eat it as it is, having cucumber is like a summer ritual and no wonder why. It consists of 95% water and has cooling effects on body that keeps you away from any kind of dehydration. Fun fact: Cucumbers is one of the most low-caloric food among water-rich vegetable and fruits.  

5. Apples

It’s ironic how we dehydrate apples to make apple chips while apples actually help us fight dehydration! An apple consists of 84% water and is helps improving digestion, immune system and your overall health.

6. Peaches

Most of peach’s freshness comes from the high content of water in it. A ripe peach has 89% of water in it, making it the juiciest of all. Loaded with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, Vitamin C, B vitamins and potassium, peaches also has fibers and antioxidants, which makes it good for your gut too!

7. Tomatoes

Enriched in vitamin C, tomatoes are also a great source of water. It is so rich in water even a medium-sized tomato can churn out a half cup of water. Along with high water content, antioxidants present in the tomatoes may also help preventing from dehydration.

8. Grapefruit

With 88% of water, grapefruit may help in hydrating yourself throughout the day. It’s rich in several nutrients and antioxidants that do wonders to your overall health. In 123ml cup of grapefruit, you may get 118ml of water. You can add them in your smoothies or eat them as it is, grapefruit is a healthy source of water.

9. Coconut water

One of the healthiest beverages, coconut water takes care of dehydration in an efficient manner. According to studies, lack of electrolytes also leads to dehydration. Coconut water not only has high water content, but also has electrolytes such as potassium, chloride and sodium, which makes it super hydrating drink.

10. Bell peppers 

You’ll be shocked to know that 90% of bell pepper’s weight comes from water! It’s an incredibly healthy vegetable with lots of fibers, vitamins and minerals. The easiest way you can eat bell pepper for hydration is to put in a vegetable salad. 


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