Do Women Really Need to Take A Protein Supplement? 

By Just Her | February 24, 2021
Conventional marketing of protein has always centered around men’s workout needs, leaving women to shun supplements altogether for over a decade. Here’s breaking down the basics of why women need protein diet for those who are yet to get on the wagon. By Nikita Arya


A few years ago, if you spoke of protein supplements, one would imagine a muscular man. As a woke generation of women surface and spend more time climbing the corporate ladder, they realise the importance of protein as a crucial nutrient that helps the body perform basic functions as much as it does to men. Perhaps more.

How Much Protein in a Day for Women?

Scientifically speaking, a woman needs at least 45 gm of protein requirement per day for her body to perform various functions such as the structuring of cells, building lean muscle, hair growth, and strong nails. These apart, protein foods can be attributed for glowing skin, strong bones, and repair of muscle microtears as well. All these body functions are essential for women with the most sedentary lifestyles as well.

What Protein Supplement Should A Woman Take?


Most protein supplements you find on shelves today cater to men’s functional needs, when in reality, women need far less protein than men to be able to digest and reap its benefits. JustHer Daily Protein with Herbs is an exclusively formulated blend of high-quality protein, vitamins, and minerals, and the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs such as Shatavari, Chasteberry, Chamomile, Valerian roots, and Black Cohosh that deliver clean nutrition to you in a highly absorbable way.


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