Trying to lose weight? Know what can help!

By deepak kumar | June 18, 2020

Loose Weight

Are those extra kilos breaking your confidence? Well, you are not alone, weight gain is a common complaint among women. Especially when you are trying to keep pace with the fast-moving world, meeting work deadlines, managing relationships and so much more. Taking out time for yourself in between all this could be challenging for you. However, there could be different possible reasons for weight gain like stress, poor sleeping habits, unhealthy food consumption, postpartum weight gain, hormonal imbalance etc.

The fact is, being overweight could take a toll on your health and may make way for many health issues. So, losing weight is important.

Not sure where to begin your weight loss journey from? We suggest you keep it simple and start with making simple lifestyle changes.

A few easy-to-do things for weight loss

1) Cut down on sugar

Sugar is present in most of the food items that you generally consume on a daily basis. So, make sure you avoid sugary foods as they are high on calories. And, consuming more calories than you burn will only lead to weight gain.

2) The power of protein

In case you didn’t already know, protein is one of the most essential nutrients for weight loss. It helps you stay fuller for longer and restricts your calorie intake. Protein boosts your metabolism and is easily digestible. Also, you can include whey protein in your diet, it has gained popularity in recent times for its wonderful weight loss benefits.

3) Vitamins and minerals   

While not all vitamins and minerals might help in shedding the unwanted fat but there are a few specific ones which certainly will. You can include Vitamin D, B, biotin, iron, magnesium in your diet. These vitamins and minerals which will help in boosting your metabolism, which will help in burning calories quickly.

4) Take the herbal route

You are probably using a variety of herbs in your kitchen already, but they are much more useful than you thought. Herbs like fenugreek, ginseng, cumin, ashwagandha etc. have been known to  support weight loss. And, some herbs can even help in restoring hormonal balance, boosting metabolism and improving digestion. To bring the desired weight loss results, using these herbs effectively is a must.

5) Stay active

The importance of staying active cannot be emphasized enough. It is alright if you do not have the time for that rigorous workout session in the gym, you go for something as easy as brisk walking or taking the stairs instead of the lift. Make sure you are not sitting in one place for too long, get moving.

6) Enjoy a warm cup of green tea

Green tea has been rightly titled as one of the healthiest beverages. And, it has shown amazing weight loss results on people. It is said to have catechin flavonoid, which helps in boosting your metabolism. Also, it has many nutrients and antioxidants, which support weight loss.

These small changes in your lifestyle will not only bring you closer to your weight loss goals, but will also help in maintaining your overall health.   




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