7 Ways How This Ancient Herb is a Remedy to Modern-day Health Problems

By Just Her | May 11, 2021

In our fast-paced lifestyle, stress, premature aging, sleep disorders and weakened eyesight seem normal to us. While we can’t really put a halt on the lifestyle, you might wonder what else could be done! From where we see it, perhaps a two-century old herb could help. - By Nikita Arya

Chamomile is creating a lot of buzz in the recent times. It has been widely used for treating a wide range of health problems as it contains some active ingredients such as chamazulene, apigenin, and bisabolol that have some amazing health benefits. Here is how this ancient herb is a savior for us while we strive to living a modern life.

1. Improves Digestive health

Unhealthy eating habits can take a toll on your digestive health. Chamomile consists of bisabolol, a compound that has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps in relaxing the muscle lining in the digestive track. Consuming chamomile tea will help you get relief from stomach aches and improve overall digestion. 

2. Helps in PCOS

Women with PCOS get a hard time managing its symptoms. While medicines and exercise are helpful, it ain’t going to work if you do not make changes in your diet. Chamomile consumption is one wholesome way of taking care of PCOS symptoms. According to studies, chamomile improves the ratio between LH and FSH (hormones that are usually imbalanced during PCOS). Try JustHer’s PCOS Relief with herbs, a product especially crafted for women, that comes with the goodness of chamomile, and helps alleviate symptoms of PCOS. It also creates a soothing effect on anxiety that usually occurs in women with PCOS.

3. Relieves Stress

While you think grabbing a hot cuppa coffee is what you need after a hectic day, it’s not actually a very good bet, health-wise. Instead, replace your regular tea or coffee with a chamomile tea. Chamomile produces chemicals such as serotonin and melatonin that may relieve every day stress naturally.

4. Boosting Immunity

Fast-paced lifestyle doesn’t allow us to eat timely, hence we miss out on immunity. Researches have shown that chamomile is helpful in boosting immunity.

5. Soothes the Eyes

We keep switching multiple screens throughout the day. No wonder why we are bothered by puffed, tired, dark-circled, and irritated eyes. Consume chamomile for these eye-related problems as it contains natural circulation boosters to give you soothing eyes.

6. Helps in Inconsistent Sleep Cycle

Believe us, most women are becoming night owls, thanks to the untimely work schedules that ruin our sleep patterns. To help unwind, chamomile could be great. Drinking chamomile tea before bed can make you fall asleep quick and better.  

7. Reduces Acne Breakouts

Remember the sudden acne breakouts that pop-up just a few days before you’re all set for a party? Poor eating choices are to blame. Inclusion of chamomile in diet can help reduce acne breakouts. It has antioxidants that help repair skin-related problems such as loosen pores, ageing signs and dull skin.


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