6 Reasons Why You Must Visit a Gynecologist if You Haven’t Yet

By Just Her | February 24, 2021

To visit or not to visit a gynecologist is a HUGE question to navigate in India. For decades, women have refrained from visiting the clinic out of fear of being judged by the doctor (that happens for real). But this is 2021—out with all the inhibitions and in with taking more control. Here are some reasons why.  - By Nikita Arya

1. A Healthy Sex Life

 If you’re too shy to talk about painful sexual intercourse, low sex drive, or vaginal dryness with your BFF, head to the doctor’s. Your gynecologist can guide you on what is wrong with your sexual health and assist you better towards an enjoyable and healthy sex life. 

2. Before Starting A Family

Knowing that you’re about to nurture a new life inside of you is a moment of great joy, but it comes with responsibility too. Start visiting the gynecologist before you’re actively planning to start a family, since there may be underlying conditions that will go unnoticed while you’re busy saving your eggs.

3. Catching Them Early

Any fussy thing going on down there will be put on the radar and nipped in the bud. Believe us, a casual visit to the doc feels much better better than ‘I wish I knew earlier’. A gynecologist will help you recognise early symptoms of conditions such as PCOS that is caused by hormonal imbalances, to breast cancer whose reasons could be anything from genetics to your lifestyle. In case your gynecologist diagnose you with PCOS, don't worry! JustHer’s PCOS Relief with Herbs is here to give you a clean nutrition and help alleviate the symptoms naturally.

4. Birth Control That Works For You

Along with the struggle of maintaining a work-life balance, birth control could feel like putting another screw on yourself. Before choosing the right birth-control method or popping over-the-counter medicines, pay a visit to the gynecologist to understand your body better. A gynecologist should be able to examine and ascertain that your hormonal balance will not be adversely affected by the pills.

5. Normal Vaginal Health

Have you ever noticed the color and consistency of your vaginal discharge? If not, then you must. Vaginal discharge can reveal a lot about your sexual and reproductive health, and a gynecologist can help you understand it better with an internal exam.

6. Nasty Period Cramps

If you are planning the next month’s calendar around your period for fear that your cramps will be unbearable, you may need to visit the gynecologist, pronto. Although cramps are what we’ve learned to live with on a monthly basis, anything out of the regular pattern could be pointing towards something more serious.


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