6 Essential Lifestyle Changes You Should Make If You’re 35

By Just Her | March 30, 2021

You spend your twenties working hard to climb the corporate ladder, keep that elusive work-life balance in check, increase your social circle—and boom—before you know it, you’re 30. In the decade to come, you are looking at slow metabolism, bone stiffness, skin patches, and the first signs of ageing. It’s time to make some easy lifestyle changes so you hit your forties looking radiant, healthy, and full of energy. - By Nikita Arya

1. Get Some Exercise Regularly

When work deadlines and household chores take up most of your time, it is difficult to factor in that 30-minute window for yourself. Regular exercise is a great way to increase your energy levels, keep your muscles and joints flexible. To get the max out of your workout, add a protein supplement to your diet. JustHer’s Daily Protein with Herbs is crafted especially for us women in our thirties, to help maximize our day.

2. Take Relaxation Seriously

The thirties are stressful and more likely to induce stress-related illnesses. Hit that pause button as often as you can now, so you can get time to recuperate. Take on a yoga class, weekly meditation lessons, indulge in a hobby you never could before or follow a long-lost passion.

3. Add More Collagen in Your Diet

If you are worried about the loss of skin elasticity, fine lines, and wrinkles as much as we do, get on a smart supplement plan that helps boost collagen production. Add JustHer's Collagen Builder with Herbs in your daily and regain your skin's elasticity even in your 30s! It's a 100 % plant based product with the goodness of Ayurvedic herbs that provides overall skin benefits like improving elasticity, providing hydration, and keeping it moisturized to help you age youthfully. 

4.Regular Health Checkups

Women in India do not take annual health checks seriously. As you approach mid-thirties, your natural immunity, hormone levels, and biological processes become slow, exposing you to decreased fertility, UTIs, increased cholesterol, and obesity. To keep abreast of what is going on in your body, health checks with a gynecologist every six months are necessary.

5. Practice Mindful Eating 

As much as we all love binge eating, we must understand that the 30s are not an age for doing that. Your digestive system starts to slow down and inflammations due to undisciplined eating habits are common. Mindful eating should be a regular practice. Replace fast foods with high quality vegetables and fruits that are rich in protein, carbs, fats, and vitamins for a balanced diet.

6. Reduce Body Inflammations With A Health Overhaul

As you approach your forties, your lung and stomach functions take a hit and aren’t able to reciprocate to your social life as much as it used to. You might want to reduce drinking hard liquor and increase your consumption of fresh juice; reduce smoking; increase your rest periods.


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