5 Ways How Silence is the Way to Health in Today's Noisy World

By Just Her | May 14, 2021

We live in a very noisy time! The meaningless honking along with the loud chatters of people that reverberates constantly in the background is probably how a fast-paced world sounds like. We are too busy chasing our own tails that we hardly listen to our minds that crave silence since forever. - By Nikita Arya


Silence, both external and internal, is what we need to achieve for better health. It allows not only introspection but also helps you connect with yourself on a much deeper level, making you a happier and healthier person from within. 


5 Ways How Silence Leads to Better Health 

1. Improves Memory 

Just a good 40-minute walk in your nearby park can boost your memory as it stimulates the growth of the hippocampus, a complex brain structure that is associated with spatial memory. When the noise becomes too much, indulge in nature’s sounds. Listening to the chirping of birds and the swaying of dry leaves on the ground will soothe your mind in no time!

2. Stimulates Brain Growth

Sitting in silence helps in boosting brain growth. As per studies, nurturing silence for at least 2 hours could create new cells in your hippocampus region. As brain cells regenerate, your brain stimulates better learning, improved memory, and regulates negative emotions into positive ones. 

3. Boosts Creativity

When in silence, you allow your thoughts to wander. Once you let that happen, your thoughts tend to go in a new direction. In this new direction, you may come across an innovative approach to solve a long-standing problem, or perhaps you might discover new avenues to pursue in your life. Silence allows you to see how far your mind can go, which eventually boosts your creativity. 

4. Helps Relieve stress

Noise, whether it is physical or psychological, raises the levels of stress hormones to a great extent. Physical noise means any sort of noise in your surrounding that distracts you while psychological noise refers to noise that goes on in your mind. When you sit in silence for a while, you allow yourself to remain at a distance from the physical noise, which is often responsible for the psychological noise. This way, indulging in silence helps in relieving stress. 

5. Fights Insomnia

It’s hard to sleep while your mind constantly screams in distress. As indulging in silence is found to help relieve stress, a few minutes of complete silence before going to bed can lead to better sleep. Try to lower down the noise in your environment and try to think of nice and calm things. It will eventually hush down the internal noise. You can also try mindfulness meditation that involves focusing on breathing and bringing attention to living in the moment. 



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