5 Fundamental Self Care Practices Women Should Never Feel Guilty About

By Just Her | May 21, 2021

Being kind, sometimes, requires you to put others before yourself. And for women, society goes a little too overboard with this. While we are raised to nurture within ourselves unconditional love towards others to become good daughters, wives, and mothers, no one told us that one can’t pour from an empty cup. - By Nikita Arya


This is 2021 - it goes beyond the guilt trips you go through for keeping your head high and being you more than becoming someone else’s daughter, mother, or wife. To thrive at becoming a woman of substance, shed all the guilt and embrace yourself - because it’s okay to be yourself. 


5 Things that You Should Never Feel Guilty About

1. Making Your Life Decisions on Your Own

Most of us women are often led by conventions in terms of what we can do and what we cannot. And when we make our own decisions, we are labeled as ‘too bossy’ of a woman. Self-doubt is natural. So, if you have ever chosen to take your own decisions, pat yourself on the back and feel proud of it. 

2. Making Mistakes

Making mistakes and failing can scare you a bit. Though we’re often told that it’s human to make mistakes, nobody acknowledges it or gives you support while you fall when you meet your fate for real. But the point is that even if no one supports you, don’t be afraid to go wrong. Make mistakes, analyze where you went wrong, learn and work on it again. Don’t feel the pressure of being perfect, embrace your mistakes.

3. Setting Boundaries


It’s crucial to analyze how much energy you’re willing to give to a certain person or situation. If you ever come across a situation where your emotional and mental well-being is being hampered, set boundaries and put yourself before others. Don’t think if you’re being rude; it’s just implied that you’re giving importance to that one person who needs it the most at that point, YOU!
4. Being Bold 
Whether it’s in a family discussion or at a public place or even in a corporate meeting, never hesitate to speak your mind and heart out. Don’t wait for taking permission to join a conversation if you feel it’s relevant to give your opinion. Nurture the boldness within you without thinking what others are going to think.
5. Saying No
You might fear saying no to anyone and being tagged ‘rude’ for it, or perhaps the fear of missing out. Even if you do say no, you feel guilty for it. While on the contrary, it is important to understand that you are not obligated to do anything for anyone. When you don’t feel comfortable with anything, saying no is completely okay. 


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