5 Chromium-Rich Sources for You to Fight Back PCOS Symptoms

By Just Her | May 14, 2021

It’s a real challenge to suffer from PCOS, and if you’re the one dealing, we are proud of you. But don’t you think that this suffering is your ultimate fate. Chromium, an essential trace element, might help you fight back! - By Nikita Arya


We all know how essential Chromium is for your overall health, and Studies have shown that increasing chromium in your diet helps break one of the most common components of PCOS. What is it, you ask? Let’s delve deeper into how chromium can change your PCOS status.  


What Makes Chromium the Hero?

The weight gain, the excessive hair growth, the acne, the hair loss, and what not - PCOS has a wide range of symptoms. However, what might be the cause of all these symptoms is a common condition known as insulin resistance. In most women with PCOS, insulin resistance is an underlying physiological driver for the syndrome. When you develop high insulin resistance, your body cells lose their ability to absorb and use blood sugar for energy, leading to increased glucose levels in the blood and low energy. This condition might trigger weight gain, which is quite common in PCOS. 

According to experts, obesity-associated insulin resistance affects the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland in the brain. It causes increased production of androgenic hormones, which further develops infertility issues and ovarian dysfunction in women. Here comes the role of our hero! Increasing the intake of chromium in the diet might help regulate insulin and blood sugar levels, reducing high insulin resistance and further leading to alleviating symptoms of PCOS. Here’s how you can increase your chromium intake.


5 Chromium Sources that May Reverse Symptoms of PCOS

1. Brocolli: Apart from being a rich source of antioxidants and protein, broccoli also is abundant in chromium.

2. Oats: This superfood helps regulate blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol, alleviating PCOS symptoms.

3. Grape Juice: The juice is essentially rich in chromium and doesn’t add to the blood sugar levels, hence recommended to women with PCOS.

4. Beans: It is abundant in chromium and works wonders for PCOS as it reduces high levels of insulin resistance. 

5. JustHer PCOS Relief with Herbs: A 100% herbal drink, JustHer PCOS Relief with Herbs contains herbs and added minerals, including chromium. With each serving of JustHer PCOS Relief with Herbs, you get 50 g of chromium to fight off symptoms of PCOS. 



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