4 Ways in Which Exercise Helps Relieve PCOS Symptoms

By Just Her | February 15, 2021

When your PCOS symptoms aggravate, they may seem like a battle you cannot win. But beyond the irregular periods, the weight gain, the acne and the hair loss, there is a life waiting on you to thrive, after of course, you’ve put in some hard work. By Nikita Arya

If you’ve never gone for a run, hit the gym, or enjoyed swimming as a sport before, sit up straight. Regular exercise has proven to benefit women with PCOS by not only alleviating symptoms but helping them live a better-than-normal life. Here’s how.

1. By Aiding Weight Loss

Did you know that if you got your weight under control, nearly all other symptoms would fall in line? Women with Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome suffer from insulin resistance which prevents their body from converting glucose into energy. As a result, blood sugar levels increase, leading to weight gain among other health problems. Regular exercise gives your insulin a nudge to utilise your glucose as energy, and aids weight loss.

 2. By Regularising Your Monthly Cycle

Keeping a track of your period is a mean task when you're juggling work, home, and perhaps even kids! Irregular or delayed menses are a common symptom of PCOS and the cause of infertility among many women. Exercise helps regulate the imbalance of reproductive hormones—progesterone and estrogen—increases immunity, and reduces inflammatory markers such as secretion of male hormone, testosterone.

3. By Enhancing Your Mood

If you have PCOS, you know you could put anyone with mood swings to shame. When sitting at home and brooding doesn't help, take yourself out and treat yourself to some adrenaline pumping workouts. Exercising has been found helpful in keeping anxiety and depression at bay in women with PCOS. A quick 15-minute warm-up, a quick jog around your house, or some power yoga in the morning can elevate your mood and help you become more productive on weekdays.

4. By Improving Cholesterol Levels

With an increase in estrogen levels in your body, cholesterol levels increase as well, making you more susceptible to heart diseases. Exercise helps reduce the bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase the good ones (HDL).


JustHer's PCOS Relief with Herbs

Regular workouts can relieve your symptoms to a great extent, but it means little without a healthy diet to create a complete balance. The body needs clean nutrition to help recuperate and thrive. JustHer’s PCOS Relief with Herbs is a blend of 21 clinically researched ayurvedic herbs that include Shatavari, Black Cohosh, Ashwagandha, and Chamomile to help regulate hormonal imbalance, irregular cycles, skin problems among other PCOS symptoms. 



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