3 Unbelievable Ways How Practicing Meditation Spices Up Your Sex Life

By Just Her | May 21, 2021

When speaking of meditation, one could probably imagine every possible thing in the world except for sex. After all, meditation and sex don’t seem to go together. Well, let’s do some myth-busting for you ― meditation is one of the great ways to spice up your sex life. - By Nikita Arya


Perhaps, boosting your libido wasn't what you were looking for when you googled 'benefits of meditation', but here you are! Meditation is likely to take away the underlying cause of your reduced sex drive, i.e., stress, and this is a proven fact. Let’s dive deeper. 

Meditation Regulates Sex Hormones

Lately, meditation is found to be helpful for hormone regulation, and we all know how sex is all about hormones! To be more specific, DHEA is a hormone that influences sex drive in both men and women. But unfortunately, from the age of 25, production of DHEA starts declining with each passing year. Guided meditation may help to regulate DHEA production and is a safer alternative to pharmaceutical drugs available in the market. Studies have found that meditation can increase the DHEA levels by 40%. Try meditation for sex drive!

Meditation Nurtures a Healthy Relationship

As the famous saying goes - 'the secret ingredient to sex is love' - it explains how sex and love go together. Nurturing a healthy relationship helps you foster a great sex life and vice versa. When we talk about meditation for better sex, it is incomplete without talking about building a healthy relationship. Meditation allows you to be more observant about your thoughts and feelings and helps avoid impulsive decisions. A meditation practice called couple meditation can also help nourish your relationship, which allows you to form intimacy both mentally and physically. 

Meditation Helps in Controlling Mind-Wandering

While surviving a fast-paced lifestyle, there is so much going on in our heads all the time. We are never in the moment. When it comes to sexual arousal, physiology and psychology both have crucial roles to play. Your mind could wander due to a lot of things such as work stress or performance pressure. If you are suffering from more severe conditions such as depression and anxiety, it could be hard to focus on sexual acts. A wandering mind during sex could be a major turn-off for your partner and might affect your relationship. For sex, mindfulness is essential! Meditation can help avoid distractions by cultivating a habit of being aware of yourself and the surroundings. It also allows you to be fully in the moment, hence improving sexual experiences. 



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