10 Superfoods That Will Miraculously Slow Down the Signs of Skin Aging 

By Just Her | May 11, 2021

Are you tired of applying anti-aging creams and serums? It's high time to keep a hand's distance from the temporary solutions and giving your skin a nourishment from within. Here are 10 superfoods that will help you age like a fine wine! - By Nikita Arya

The countless bottles of anti aging creams and serums are clearly not helping you. And sorry to say, but they won't ever help! That’s because what you see on your skin is the consequence of what you put on your plate, so eat mindfully to combat the signs of aging. Include these 10 superfoods in your diet to see the difference. 

1. Amla 

Apart from giving a tangy twist to your meal, Amla also does wonders to your skin. Enriched with vitamin C and antioxidants, amla prevents many signs of aging including fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and pigmentation. It also improves skin elasticity. 

2. Sesame Seeds

Sesame seeds help the skin in retaining its moisture and warmth. Its anti-inflammatory properties help in fighting the dryness and flakiness that often occurs with aging. It also helps in getting rid of pathogens that cause skin infections.

3. Avocado

Eat more and more avocado because your skin loves it, perhaps slightly more than your taste buds! It’s a rich source of potassium and vitamins such as K, C, E, and B that give you soft and supple skin. Vitamin A present in avocado helps in removing the dead skin, making it glow naturally. It also consists of carotenoids that help in blocking toxins and also helps in protecting skin from sun damage and skin cancers. 

4. Red Bell Pepper

Red bell peppers are quite helpful in reducing the signs of aging. It has carotenoids and Vitamin C that helps in the production of collagen, a protein that is the building block for skin. 

5. Papaya

Papaya is a deliciously healthy fruit that makes your skin super healthy and youthful. The fruit consists of numerous anti-aging elements such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and vitamin A, C, K, E & B. Papaya promotes skin elasticity and helps in removing fine lines and wrinkles. 

6. Spirulina

To those of you who haven’t heard of Spirulina, it’s a type of natural algae, loaded with a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, and is edible! Vitamin E present in it helps in reducing skin damage caused by the UV rays from the sun.

7. Aloe Vera

The miracle plant of aloe vera performs miracles on the skin too! The antioxidants present in aloe vera fight the free radicals that harm the skin, which ultimately help in slowing down the signs of aging on the skin. 

8. Spinach 

Add spinach to your diet to fight the signs of anti-aging. An abundant source of magnesium, plant-based heme iron, and vitamin A, C, K, and E, spinach improves your skin health by boosting the production of collagen. 

9. Barley 

Barley is a superfood that consists of Selenium, an element that preserves skin elasticity. The cereal grain also helps in eliminating toxins and free radicals, which slows down the aging process. 

10. Blueberry

Try blueberry to tickle your taste buds while improving your skin health. Blueberry consists of anthocyanin, which is an age-defying antioxidant. It helps in protecting the skin from sun damage, stress, and pollution and also boosts collagen production. 

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